Junior Gymnasts Program
*All students must be fully potty trained for all classes except the parent toddler class
Various classes ages 1-5
Parent & Toddler- A structured organized class, shorter in duration, but still does all events. The goal of this class is to prepare toddlers to transition into junior classes independent from their parents. There is no specific age requirement but students must be able to walk/run/jump steadily on their own and familiar adult must be fit enough to partiipate with them. 

Morning Tumblers- Ages 3-5, all skill levels welcome. The goals focus on our beginner curriculum.
Junior Novice- Afternoon/Evening class for beginners ages 4 & 5.

Junior Intermediate- Afternoon/Evening class for ages 4 & 5 using USAG competitive levels 1-2 curriculum.  Skill evaluation or progression from Junior Novice class required. 

Junior Pre-Team- Invitation only, ages 5 & 6 ready to commit to a schedule of 4 hours per week, with plans to begin competition in the following year.  Must have all skills from beinner curriculum and have exemplary behavior for their age.

Developmental Program
Novice- Ages 6+ The focus of this class is on the beinner curriculum through USAG level 1

Intermediate- Ages 6+ working on skills from USAG levels 2-3 curriculum. Skill evaluation required.

Advanced- Must have at least roundoff backhandspring.  Skill evaluation required.  

Ages 9+ Multi-levelA fun class for older girls at any level. Students have some freedom to work on skills they want to learn. 

Boys Program

PreTeam- (*INVITATION ONLY*) Ages 7+ must have all skills from USAG level 2 and be ready to commit to at least 4 hours per week. PreTeam is designed to be a transition from recreational to competitive gymnastics, however, serious gymnasts who are progressing in skills but are not ready to compete can stay at the PreTeam level as long as they need. 

XCEL Team- (*INVITATION ONLY*) Ages 6+ who have all Level 2+ skills and are ready to compete and willing to commit 10 hours a week.

Junior Olympic Team- (*INVITATION ONLY*) Level 4+, ready to commit to 18 hours a week of training.  These athletes LIVE FOR GYMNASTICS.